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Added by Mary Clephane on 31 Jan 2011


If anyone got even the tiniest bit jealous of us travelling round the Caribbean then you will have a good laugh at our latest “luxury”.

So we arrived in Salt Cay fully expecting that the hype of the great unspoiled diving and slow lifestyle would suit us and we were really looking forward to both. After flying in a puddle jumper –JC got put the co-pilot seat- we went to our luxury accommodation i.e. a room in the bottom floor of someone’s old house were we spent the next five days without air-conditioning and getting bitten by everything which had a mouth to bite. It was almost a relief to meet some common sand flies!!! Salt Cay is like “the real Caribbean was in the 19th century” the blurb says. “Rustic” they say. Well what they don’t say is that the place still has some of the original inhabitants from the 19th century and it’s as “rustic” as a Scottish barn house after the cattle of been locked in there for ten days!!! On the good side everyone knows each other and there is little or no crime- again according to them but the day we arrived a lady visitor had her laptop go missing from a golf cart between the “airport” Which is a 12ft X20 ft hut and their accommodation which was 600yds from the “airport” along a farm track. The poor couple of late 50’s ladies had travelled 4000miles to Salt Cay from North of Canada to see the humpback whales “which gather in their thousands from January until March”. They never saw a single one!! “But” they (and we) were told - after arrival - that it’s more like February till March. Still never mind they got charged US$475 per night for a soggy, non- air conditioned villa. It all came to a head when they were told after arrival of course, that the whale watching boat would not go out with only two people!!!This after months of e mails back and forward between the whaleboat owner and them without a mention!!At least our place was dry and windy (cool) and only cost us US$100. However the golf cart we were told we needed cost us $30 per day as we found out at the end of our trip. There are two places to eat on the island and you need to pre-book your specific meal six hours before you need it or you simply starve. Funny old thing. The same person owns the dive operation, one of the restaurants, is the Island realtor, and runs the Whale-watching trips. Are you getting suspicious about the tourist blurbs yet??

And the diving!!!Well “as one of the most remote islands in the Caribbean Salt cay is a Mecca of diving for those willing and able to make the effort to get there.” LIES ALL LIES>>>the diving is shit. My computer gave up the ghost at 35 metres on our final day there. I wish it had gone on day 1!!! We had booked four nights five days and had to wait it out as we could not move on to our hotel in Grand Turk early. It seemed like ten years.

Call me paranoiac but I believe they are all in on it a bit like the village of the damned. The land that time forgot and so it should.

We’re in Grand Turk now after a ferry ride and we are really enjoying life again. Diving here is great and so are the people. The weather is beautiful and the town is so quaint. We’ve seen whales and were joined on a dive yesterday by six dolphins at 10metres. More will follow on that but I thought you should all have a laugh at our expense. I’ll post some photos of Salt Cay later as they did have some nice architecture!!.



J and M

Vulture over the church!!!
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