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Added by Sue Harris on 8 Jun 2011

Shed the Lead 2

It is a simple enough question and one would assume it has a simple enough answer. The reality is that there are a whole range of little things that you could and should do to both avoid incidents and resolve them as they occur.
For me, one key message is improved buoyancy control which relies on and is directly affected by the fine tuning of weighting and trim. These skills are features taught in the new Buoyancy Workshop to be released very soon.  Being correctly weighted adds enjoyment, gas economy and relaxation to a dive.
When all else fails however, there is one single action that can make a substantial change to the outcome of serious incidents. Unfortunately a common factor in many incidents is that the diver was alive and on the surface following an incident but then has tragically sunk again. The simple removal of the weight belt could have significantly reduced the number of these incidents becoming fatal accidents.  Underwater, the consequences of weight belt release in an emergency may be more serious because of the reduced ability to control the ascent.  However, DCI can be treated and the surface provides an unlimited supply of breathing gas, which may be preferable to the alternative.  Therefore there are advantages to having weight belt release as an available option.
Clare Peddie
BSAC Chair

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